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Through our Co-Op Play mentoring program, your company delivers huge value to its Diversity and Inclusion and employee engagement initiatives and our students gain tremendous support in achieving their post-secondary goals by working with industry professionals.


Partners are invited to engage their employees in:

• Mentoring our students

• Mentoring our college-aged alumni

• Reviewing portfolios of student work and student projects

• Leading masterclasses and workshops

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Interested in getting your company involved with our

Co-Op Play mentoring program?


Contact Genevieve King

I got a direct look into the creative minds of the new generations. It was a very inspiring experience and I can't wait to see what they will bring to our industry.”
         - Mentor and Game Developer at Rockstar Games
“I learned a lot about the role of a publisher in video games, how the hiring process works, and many other really important things on how to get my foot in the door.”
                                              - SIA Student and Mentee
I gained a new friend, a renewed motivation to use any privilege I have to continue to help others, an appreciation for how hard young people work towards their future and the good they want for the world. .”
         - Mentor and Game Developer at Cloud Chamber

Join the community of fantastic partners mentoring our students!

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