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Our 2024 Game Design Summer Camp will run for 6 weeks in July and August.

Applications will open in the spring!

SIA Mastery is our signature program for high school students who want to pursue computer science through game design and prepare for college. This program is proven to prepare students for success in a variety of STEM college majors and careers.

Level 1: Core


In our first year Core program, students learn C# programming on the Unity Engine, and explore other art forms related to game design such as digital art, animation, music production, and narrative writing. To ensure accessibility, Core is available twice a year, in multiple formats:

  • November to June, 2 days a week after school, in person or remote

  • November to June, all day Saturdays, in person only  

  • July-August, a 6-week Summer Camp intensive program, in person or remote 

Level 2: Advanced


After completing Core, students are eligible to join our Advanced program. In Advanced students learn to develop 3D games and prepare to become a Unity Certified User. This certification is designed for future developers who want to create their own game or apps, or who plan to attend a postsecondary program in game development, STEM, or animation.  

Level 3: Studio

Following the Advanced program, students are eligible for our 3rd level program, Studio, where they spend the year developing a game in teams. Studio students divide roles within their teams – including creative director, lead programmer, project manager, and narrative writer – to build new professional industry-relevant skills.

College Access

All students in SIA Mastery are eligible to participate in our college access program that assists them with the college admission and financial aid process. Our staff work with each student to help them gain admission to a college of their choice and secure robust scholarship support. Graduates of our SIA program have successfully enrolled in schools like NYU, RIT, Cooper Union, Columbia, CCNY, and USC. Along the way, students will have the opportunity to be mentored by professional game developers at indie and AAA studios.

SIA Mastery is a multi-year mastery-based program where students progress through each section as they are ready. Here's a chart of what a typical student's journey looks like as they progress through the various stages of the program.


Check out our FAQ page for more information on SIA

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