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Our School Year Program begins in mid-October and ends in late June. Applications for 2023-2024 will open in July. Set a calendar alert! 📅

Make your own video game! Get help for college!


Urban Arts teaches high school students digital game design—it's "hard fun" and super-supportive. You do not need any experience. It is free.


You'll learn C# programming on the Unity Engine ANNNND you'll also boost your skills in other crafts related to game design—illustration, animation, music production (we have a studio!) and narrative writing.

You can become a Unity Certified User, a certification designed for developers who want a future in game development, STEM, STEAM, 3D Design or animation.


You can go through the game design program for up to 3 years. Our first level CORE teaches the fundamentals. You'll learn the basics and make a simple game. Our middle level is ADVANCED. TK. Our third and highest level is STUDIO which runs just like a team at a game devs company. You'll be on a team that builds a game from start to finish with all of the tktktkt. Each year we host ARCADE a place to pitch your games to friends and family.

Students in Urban Arts game design programs are eligible to participate in our college-access program. It's free. 


We help with the college admission and financial aid process. Our staff works with you to gain admission to a college of your choice and secure scholarship support. 100% of our ADVANCED students matriculate to college. Some of our grads have successfully enrolled in schools like NYU, RIT, Cooper Union, Columbia, and USC. We also work closely with CCNY through Gaming Pathways, the public option Digital Game Design degree. You can attend CCNY, graduate with little to no debt and get placed in mentoships and possibly internships. 


Some high school students will have the opportunity to be mentored by professional game developers from AAA studios through our Co-Op Play program. It's free.

Urban Arts is a nonprofit program invested in helping traditionally-excluded students define their own futures through the arts and technology. We've been around for over 30 years. Learn more about us at our main site

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Check out our FAQ page for more information on SIA

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